“Being emotionally open with others is a universal challenge. We struggle with accomplishing it. We struggle with defining it. Attending a Breakthrough program helped me become more aware of my dating habits. What I gained made me more able to build a meaningful relationship with the girl who became my wife this year.” –Baruch Freedman, NY
"As a 30-something single, I felt stuck. Nothing was working for me and I felt helpless. Through the sessions Shira helped me first to clarify my vision; where was I hoping to get to? This clarity led to a confidence in my own ability to know where I was headed and what I wanted. Other people's thoughts and opinions became a background him, rather than the filter through which I viewed my self and my future. Further sessions gave me tools for smart and focused dating and the confidence and empowerment to date from a place of success. If you have been dating a while, or if you are just starting out, give yourself the opportunity to date smart, with a clarity of vision and the confidence to hear your own voice above the din of other's opinions. I recommend Breakthrough and Shira with confidence. Hatzlocha in your journey!" - A. Weiss, NY
"I heard about BD dating through a family member. She was very enthusiastic, and really pushed me to give it a shot. I've been dating for years, and was feeling stuck and burnt out. I agreed to call up, and find out more info. Shira was honest, informative, and more then able to handle anything I asked her. I was impressed in spite of myself. Throughout the course of our sessions, it was a feeling I became accustomed to. I learned a lot about myself, and everything was clear, helpful and useful. There is a certain genuineness that comes through, and it is that quality that created a very real change in the way I viewed dating. I would highly recommend BD Dating to anyone who is serious about not only their dating, but in their own self-awareness and personal growth." - Natalie R., NY
"Overall, I think there's a big challenge facing [singles], and that is that people don't know how to connect. I think you guys are addressing a fundamental need, and I wish you all the blessing and success in the world." -Sarah B., NY
“Loved it. Exceeded my expectations...I've found myself utilizing the skills that were emphasized - over and over again.” –Sam R., NY
“This was the first dating/relationship seminar I attended that presented a practical approach and new perspective on each person’s role in dating.” –Melanie S., L.A.
“The role playing was fun, interesting and so insightful. Acting out a ‘date scene’ helped me to see the dynamics that occur. I saw a clear transition once the two connected on a personal and emotional level.” Jen P, Denver
“The role-plays gave me a bird's eye view of how I may look on dates, and opened my eyes to opportunities I have been missing in making deeper connections and more meaningful interactions.” –Jack N., IL
“I walked away with lots of strategies for making first dates more meaningful and creating deeper conversation.” Brian O., MI

Approbation from Dr. David Pelcovitz,
Chair of Psychology and Education at Yeshiva University
October 22, 2015

On a visit to South Africa several years ago I met Leonard Carr and came to know him as a highly respected expert in relationships, who has a well-earned reputation as innovative, insightful and gifted in translating expertise into valuable and usable workshops for singles who are seeking to deepen their relationships. Working closely with Dr. Carr, Shira (Strassman) Teichman founded “Breakthrough Dating”, a practical solution to the challenges of Jewish dating.

Through a combination of social and educational programming, Teichman and Carr impart the wisdom and resources necessary to navigate the dating process with clarity and success. Through role-plays, lectures and a combination of powerful exercises designed to foster self-awareness, clarity and insight Breakthrough has been successful in equipping singles with an enhanced appreciation of personal strengths and blind spots in a manner that many participants have found to be effective in reinvigorating their dating experiences. In a number of instances, Breakthrough participants have attributed finding a spouse to their participation in the program.

I have reviewed the formal feedback forms given to the participants who typically describe the experience as invaluable in giving them clarity and practical strategies for deepening relationships. I recommend this program for those who are feeling stuck and frustrated with the dating process and are seeking to build a lasting relationship.

David Pelcovitz, Ph.D. Psychologist, Professor, Yeshiva University