We trace our roots back to the personal experiences of marriage-minded singles---the ones who craved real solutions to their dating struggles---starting with my own.

After nearly 10 years of “dating for marriage” with no success, (keep reading to get the scoop on that saga) I had had it. I was up to my nose in other people’s opinions, dating advice, and suggestions of dating prospects, which I typically found to be useless (at best) or, at worst, downright insulting.

Just when my search for a husband felt utterly hopeless, my life took a major turn when I finally discovered what was really holding back me and many of my friends from getting married. As it turned out, there was much more to dating successfully than what I had previously thought---but the answers didn’t lie in the dating books or articles I was reading, or the dating classes I attended at the time.

By opening my eyes to a few game-changing ideas and plugging them into my dating practice, I was able to transcend the obstacles that previously stood in my way, leading me to finally find --and marry -- my soulmate.


But that was just the beginning.

Convinced that the guiding principles which helped me to find--and more importantly, to recognize my soulmate when he came along--would be equally helpful to others, I set out on a mission to create a concrete series of real, effective solutions. I wanted to help other singles navigate the dating process effectively to avoid repeating the same mistakes that I did for many years, and finally achieve the committed relationship that they want.

The result was Breakthrough Dating: A series of paradigm-shifting coaching and workshop programs that offer a fresh, new, clarifying and proven effective method to dating for marriage.

Since 2014, we have been serving singles all over the country. I’m grateful to share that the results our clients have experienced have been absolutely extraordinary.


In fact, we'd call it a Breakthrough.