Shira Teichman, M.A.

Founder & Director of Breakthrough Dating

Shira Teichman is a dating coach, writer, and changemaker whose passion is providing single men and women with the tools they need to get “unstuck” in their dating and build a meaningful relationship that lasts. Along with her husband, Shira founded Breakthrough Dating in November 2014, which has already helped facilitate 30 engagements and marriages to date. She is excited to bring back the “magic” of Breakthrough Dating to singles all over the world!

“When I was single I realized that there were no real, substantive resources for people who wanted to learn skills for dating successfully. While there was an abundance of “singles events” (the ones I attended usually felt like a social experiment gone awry), they weren’t quite what my soul was thirsting for. My single friends and I wondered: What’s gone wrong in our dating and how can we fix it? Why aren’t we meeting Mr. (or Mrs.) Right? What’s holding us back? Why do we feel so stuck? Why do our dates seem like a deadend road to nowhere? So much frustration, and no answers to be found... Until now! I encourage you to come and explore a new and hopeful perspective. Join the journey that is Breakthrough Dating; You’ll be so grateful you did.”


Shiffy Lichtenstein

East Coast Regional Director

I am a mother of five, grandmother of three, wife, daughter, mother-in-law, and friend. I am passionate about children, love to make parties, and enjoy hosting friends and family for weekends. I don’t particularly like to cook, or shop, and I really dislike politics.  But I do love to read, I adore animals and I am a newly converted pescatarian.  I am also a New York University (NYU) certified life coach.  

The truth is that I have been ‘coaching’ most of my life. Being the wife of an ambitious, successful person, the mother of five biological children and a few ‘adopteds’, and friend to a multitude of colorful people, my life experience has taught me that what people need to succeed is someone who believes in them and can support them through the journey of life.

With my kids all grown up, I realized that I could draw upon my life experience to provide support, in a professional way, to help people realize their goals and dreams.  I went back to school to fine-tune my skills and to learn how to best champion my clients.

I believe in the coaching process, because my experience tells me that it works. The focus forward, goal oriented approach, generates positive energy and momentum.  By holding my clients accountable for their actions, we quickly learn what works and what doesn’t.  As a coach, I listen carefully.  I reflect what I see.  I share from my own experience.  I challenge assumptions. My clients and I co-create actions that support their vision and goals.

I am compassionate, patient, non-judgmental, and encouraging and I love partnering with people to enable them to reach their fullest potential.

You can reach me at: [email protected]

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