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Who is Breakthrough Dating for?

If you are tired of dead-end dating and ready to “press the re-set button" so you can finally have lasting love, then Breakthrough Dating is for you! This is a one-of-a-kind program, meant for anyone who is serious about taking their dating to the next level in order to find and marry the right partner. We work with marriage-minded Jewish men and women of all ages, from across the globe. However, please note that the workshops we currently offer are only for Young Jewish Professionals in their 20’s & 30’s.


Does Breakthrough Dating really work?

Ask all of our now-happily-married Breakthrough Dating clients! With over 40 "Breakthrough marriages" in just 2 years, we're re-defining what it means to date with purpose. In a world that offers countless dating-related services with minimal effectiveness, we've paved the way with something profoundly relevant, and are making our mark with real results!


How is Breakthrough Dating different from other resources for singles?

So, you went on a first date and it was just "okay" but not "great". Or maybe you just met someone nice, unexpectedly, at dinner. Or you're 2 months into a relationship and it's going alright but you're not quite sure where it's headed.

In any of these situations you may be thinking: Now What?

While other programs focus on matchmaking, we are a dating and relationship education program unlike anything else out there. We offer two amazing programs: Private Coaching & “Date Smart, Not Hard” workshops. Breakthrough Dating services are unique in that we use a carefully crafted formula based on experience, research, experts’ input and YOUR feedback, to impart the tools and perspective needed to move from the dating phase into a healthy engagement and marriage. Our approach has been highly effective for those who have used it.


So, do you basically just give “dating advice”?

Not at all! The Breakthrough Dating experience (both coaching & workshops) is a highly interactive process that involves your full participation, engagement and desire to explore dating through a whole new lens. You’ll come out refreshed, with a degree of clarity that you never thought was possible.


Is Breakthrough Dating a therapy program?

No --- Breakthrough Dating does not provide therapy or counseling of any kind. Our programs are not designed (nor equipped) to treat any mental health disorders, or to address such conditions in the context of dating. If you are seeking support in that arena, please seek help from a qualified mental health professional.


Does Breakthrough Dating do matchmaking?

No, but forJe does! ForJe is the #1 Jewish Dating App powered by A.I. Go to www.forjeapp.com for more information! Breakthrough Dating fulfills a different, and very important need among marriage-minded singles by providing the tools for self-awareness, deep connection and emotional intelligence needed to create and sustain a healthy, committed relationship.

Is the "Date Smart, Not Hard." workshop a lecture?
Far from it! This workshop is not a lecture --- it's a journey. At Breakthrough Dating, we're not here to preach or teach you "how-to's". We don't tell you what to wear on a date, what to say, or how to act --- because that kind of advice takes you further away from your dream relationship, not towards it. We're here to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, vision, empowerment and connection that is like no other. Our interactive exercises, guided visualizations and simulated "mock dates" enable you to unlock the secrets of effective communication and be well on your way to making your dream a reality. Still not sure what that means? Come and experience it for yourself! You'll understand why so many people are thanking Breakthrough for helping them to get engaged & married. 


How does the private coaching process work?

We believe that if you want to find --- and build a life with --- your soulmate, it shouldn’t require a bottomless pit of your time and money. Commit to just an 8 (or 12) session process, and you’ll learn all the tools you need to get "un-stuck" and move forward. Please visit our coaching page for details.


What are the main differences between your coaching and workshop programs?

While both services focus on our signature themes of Vision, Empowerment & Connection, there are several differences that you may want to consider before selecting the best option for you:

  • Our private coaching takes place in one-on-one sessions, while the workshop is given over as a 3-part series---typically in one day.
  • The workshop takes place in a group setting; We serve Young Jewish Professionals, ages 20-45
  • The workshop is done in-person at a pre-determined time and place (see schedule of upcoming workshops); Coaching can take place from the comfort of your own home, over phone or Skype.


I don’t see any upcoming workshops listed in my city. How can I request one?

We are eager to serve groups of marriage-minded Young Jewish Professionals across the U.S. and abroad. If you don’t see an upcoming workshop near you, you can request a workshop. We have previously partnered with various organizations --- including Aish NY, JConnect LA, Chabad of Marina Del Rey, Congregation Ohab Zedek, the Jewish Communities of Toronto, and Long Beach NY, and The Brownstone NY.  We look forward to serving your community or organization by providing a "DATE SMART, NOT HARD." workshop to a group of your choice. Get Started!